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     OUR REVIEWS  On rare occasions I write a review about my experiences but in this case I hope it will help others suffering from foot pain. When I first started with Dr. Moncado I could barely walk because of severe planter fasciitis. I tried everything to alleviate the pain including: custom-made orthotics; cortesone shots; medical walking foot braces; cast; night foot brace; and dozens of quality shoes. All gave me some relief but never addressed the underlying issue. I could not walk for any length of time and thought my days of traveling were over! My chiropractor recommended Dr. Moncado because he specialized in adjusting bones of the foot. I was totally unaware of this specialty. From my first visit I was impressed with Dr Moncado knowledge of the anatomy of the foot. He informed me the bones in my foot had dropped and were misaligned which contributed to my planter fasciitis. He immediately started to breakdown the scar tissue in my foot and adjust the misaligned bones. It took repeated adjustments but it WORKED! I can now walk for miles and have my live back. I call him my miracle worker. by HILDA ROSE August 15, 2019
 A couple months ago I was dying with pain in my neck and in need of a good Chiropractor. Then I found Dr. Peter Moncado, what a miracle worker he his a and how he has eased the pain out of my body,a miracle worker!!My neck was almost out of joint when we assessed the xray's and determined my prognosis and started treatments and almost overnight my pain eased away and I could sleep once again. We have sometime to go yet but the future looks a lot more positive and pain free. Thank you Dr. Peter I appreciate all you've done for me!!! Brian M. DeCarlo by BRIAN M. DECARLO February 27, 2019
 With just 2 visits, Dr. Pete's chiropractic techniques have given my daughter and I immediate relief from chronic back and neck pain that I have had for 10 years. Dr. Pete provides adjustments that are comfortable and not harsh (like twisting and cracking) to your body like other chiropractors that I have been to. I am telling all of my family and friends about the wonderful results I am getting from the adjustments by Dr. Peter Moncado. by LORI GIEBEL July 28, 2017
 I was a spring board diver for many years and ranked 4th in the United Sates when I was 17 years old. With all the stress placed on my body it took it's tool on my feet, neck, hips, and back. For years I had no relief and this last year was terrible. I heard about Dr. Moncado and saw him and placed my life in his care. After 7 mos. my body is strong and I now am swimming again. It is a joy to get my life back together thanks to Dr. Moacado's care and knowledge. caren martello by CAREN NARTELLO April 26, 2016
RECENT POLLS  Is this provider easy to reach in an emergency? Absolutely by GWEN CANNON March 29, 2016
 Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit? Yes Was this provider's staff friendly? Yes Does this provider remember you and your circumstances at every appointment? Yes Does the provider's staff maintain a professional appearance? Definitely yes Was the provider's staff welcoming to you? Yes by JOHN SMITH March 18, 2015
 My husband and I had very severe plantar fasciitis and could not stand for long periods of time or hike long distances. Now after a number of treatments by Dr. Moncado, we have absolutely no feet pain! He provided us with information that helped us understand the condition and the treatments. We are extremely happy with the results of Dr. Moncado's care; and the marshmallow sandals he has in the office are truly Amazing! We are also extremely grateful that we finally made the investment to obtain the orhotics that will keep our feel in good shape! by ANONYMOUS February 12, 2015
 Did this provider seem knowledgeable and competent? Definitely How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited? Wonderful Was the waiting area spacious enough? Totally Did the waiting room smell clean? Yes Were the waiting room chairs comfortable at this chiropractor's office? Extremely comfortable; I could have fallen asleep by ANONYMOUS August 27, 2014
 Did the staff keep the temperature in the waiting room pleasant? Yes Does this provider welcome questions? Absolutely Did this provider thoroughly explain the risks and benefits of your treatment? Mostly yes Does this provider treat their staff well? Extremely well Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit? Mostly by ANONYMOUS August 16, 2014
 Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit? Completely Does this provider offer flexible appointment times? Yes Does the provider's staff try to accomodate your schedule when booking appointments Yes Was the background music pleasant while you were in the waiting room? Yes Did this chiropractor pressure you to return for unnecessary follow-ups? Not at all! They always respect my decisions. by TRICIA
 Was this provider thorough in discussing the risks and benefits of your treatment options? Somewhat Did this provider show attention to detail? Yes Does the provider's staff maintain a professional appearance? Definitely yes Did you feel that your visit with the provider was time well spent? Absolutely yes Was this provider compassionate to you and your situation? Yes by ANONYMOUS June 11, 2014
 Are you confident that this provider will continue working with you until a solution is reached? Absolutely Would you refer this provider to a family or friend? Definitely Did this provider show attention to detail? Absolutely Does this provider have a good professional reputation within your community? Definitely Did this provider's staff seem to respect him/her? Definitely! The staff spoke very highly of this provider and it was clear that they held them in a position of high respect. by LISA NOBLE March 28, 2014
 Was this chiropractor's staff friendly? Yes, they went above and beyond Was this chiropractor friendly? Extremely Friendly Would you recommend this chiropractor to others? I Already Have by ANONYMOUS February 20, 2014
 Did this provider seem well-trained and experienced? Absolutely, they were an expert! by ANONYMOUS January 21, 2014
 Did this chiropractor answer all of your questions? Yes Does this provider adhere to the customer is always right policy? Yes, they listen to all complaints and make every effort to correct the situation. Did this chiropractor pay attention to your problem area? Yes Did you experience excessive stiffness after visiting this chiropractor? Somewhat, it was very uncomfortable Were this chiropractor's adjustments gentle? Yes by ANONYMOUS January 11, 2014
 After many years of "abuse" to my body between sports as a child and car accidents as a young adult I learned to live with constant pain in my entire back on a daily basis. Then, as an adult in my career as a nurse I also learned to "deal" with foot pain. Thanks to Dr Moncado, I am well on my way to what I hope to be pain free living! Even though the road is a long one since I started in such bad shape, after only a few treatments of my feet I was free of my sharp heel pain and each treatment of my back gets me closer to a normal curvature as proven by before and after X-rays as well as decreased pain and no migraines. Being a nurse I am well aware of all treatment modalities in our western culture. I believe now, after having chiropractic care with Dr Moncado, there is a time and a place for both natural and medical intervention. Why not start with non-invasive, "natural" treatment and continue with chiropractic preventative maintenance before prescriptions and surgeries? I did, and I am glad I found Dr Moncado to Help me on the road back to health! by NURSE N September 27, 2013
 I love how much attention to detail they show. They are always so careful and meticulous. I never have to worry about them making a mistake or forgetting something. I'm usually somewhat sensitive to the cold, so I was a little worried that their office would be too cold, but it was fine. I was very comfortable the entire time. I've been other places that left me unattended for quite awhile, but not here. They would never leave me unattended and they always go the extra mile to make me feel cared for. Not only did I have no more pain after my adjustment, but I felt great afterward. I definitely saw a huge difference. Not only do they never postpone my appointment, they always try to get me in as soon as possible. I love that I can always get an appointment right away, and I never have to worry about them rescheduling it. Over the last 8 years or so, I had developed a sharp pain in the ball area of my left foot. The pain was so bad one weekend I could hardly walk and that is when I started my chiropractic treatment with Dr. Moncado. After a few treatments the pain started subsiding and eventually became pain free. Dr. Moncado's attention to detail is amazing. He remembers exactly where the pain is in my foot and knows how to treat it each time. by ELAINE ENSIGN September 17, 2013
 Did a staff member acknowledge or greet you when you entered? Immediately! They gave me a friendly greeting as soon as I walked in Were the restrooms clean at this provider's office? Yes, I could tell they were cleaned regularly Has this chiropractor ever misdiagnosed you? No Is this business in a safe neighborhood? Absolutely, It is the safest neighborhood around Does this provider always put the customer first? Yes, they always put customers first by ANONYMOUS July 07, 2013
 Does this provider always put the customer first? Yes, they always put customers first Did this provider leave you unattended for an extended period of time? Not at all! They were always present and attentive Does this provider have a good professional reputation within your community? Yes, they are known for being good at what they do Does this provider offer flexible appointment times? Yes Did this provider wear an obnoxious cologne? No, they didn't wear any cologne by ANONYMOUS May 10, 2013
 I have found my chiropractor for life! The office is always so clean, friendly, and easy to schedule with. Dr. Moncado is a great chiropractor who takes the necessary time with me, no quick 30 second adjustment here. I appreciate that he practices what he preaches and is a very fit, healthy guy. by POWAY DAD
 Did you feel like your pain was lessened after your chiropractic treatment? Yes, I felt better than I've felt in years when I left! Did this provider answer all of your questions? Every question I had was answered thoroughly Was this provider's staff friendly? Yes, they went above and beyond by M.